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Architectural Brackets and Details

Make your house stand out in the neighborhood with timber exterior roof brackets and trim details.

Hobbit_House goodman2-007 Brackets_1

Custom Millwork

New and reproduction millwork can produce a "timbered" look. Box beams and posts, doors, and unique edge details are shown.

Shein_2 Shein_Ch1 Door_1

Grain-matched Laminated Curved Timbers

From footbridges to domes to window circles, Summerbeam specializes in the unusual art of bending timbers to fit your needs.

Kaplan_1 Romano-dome Curve_3

Timber Truss Roof Systems

Roof truss systems can be created with a delightful mix of curved and straight timbers and fit onto typical 2x6 walls.

Specter_2 Blaha_Roof Specter_1

Timber Frames for Homes, Additions, and Barns

Massive posts and beams joined with hardwood pegs give a sense of strength and security. Frames can be finely finished or left naturally rough to suit your tastes. Increase your home's value with a Great Room or Sunroom Addition. A timber frame barn, built the old-time way, can protect precious animals and equipment from the fiercest storms.

Goodman_Front Hill_300 TimberFrame

Porch and Exterior Structures

A solid timber frame porch welcomes your guests. Pergolas, timber trellises, carports, and pavilion frames can be created for outside entertaining as well.

Specter_3 Carport_3 goodman1-001

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