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Timber Frame Structures Timber Frames for Homes, Additions, and Barns Massive posts and beams joined with hardwood pegs give a sense of strength and security. Frames can be finely finished or left naturally rough to suit your tastes. Increase your home's value with a Great Room or Sunroom Addition. A timber frame barn, built the old-time way, can protect precious animals and equipment from the fiercest storms.
Timber Truss Roof Systems Timber Truss Roof Systems Roof truss systems can be created with a delightful mix of curved and straight timbers and fit onto typical 2x6 walls.
Exterior Structures Porch and Exterior Structures A solid timber frame porch welcomes your guests. Pergolas, timber trellises, carports, and pavilion frames can be created for outside entertaining as well.
Laminated Curved Timbers Grain-matched Laminated Curved Timbers From footbridges to domes to window circles, Summerbeam specializes in the unusual art of bending timbers to fit your needs.
Custom Millwork Custom Millwork New and reproduction millwork can produce a "timbered" look. Box beams and posts, doors, and unique edge details are shown.
Brackets and Details Architectural Brackets and Details Make your house stand out in the neighborhood with timber exterior roof brackets and trim details.

Specialists in Custom Timber Frames for:

  • Homes & Additions
  • Trusses & Roof Systems
  • Grain-matched Laminated Curved Timbers
  • Millwork
  • Architectural Brackets & Details
  • Porches & Exterior Structures

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