ShopSummerbeam Woodworking Inc. is the result of more than 30 years' construction experience of Bill Recarde and family. In the late 70's, the timber frame "Revival" happening in New Hampshire caught Bill's attention and he fell in love with this ancient craft. Years in the "stick-frame" industry convinced him that the standards of quality in material and technique were diminishing in regular construction. Timber framing provided something more.


The Model Home / Office / Shop is located in Southern Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, deep in the heart of Amish Country. It is about one hour's drive from four major East Coast cities: Philadelphia and Harrisburg, PA, Baltimore, MD, and Wilmington, DE.

277 West Shady Rd.
Kirkwood, Pa 17536
717-529-6063 Ph
717-529-4015 Fx

Where We Work:

We have completed more than 200 projects of all kinds from Martha's Vineyard to Indiana, from the Adirondack Mountains to Georgia. We can take on projects anywhere in the Continental US.

shop_intHow We Work with Your Builder:

The first step is for you (or your Builder / Architect) to send us sketches or plans for your project. We will discuss the details then provide you with a cost estimate. If the plans require timber frame design or engineering, a separate Design Contract will be prepared and executed. A design deposit based on an hourly rate is required before actual CAD work begins.

Each timber frame project price is custom, based on species of wood, sizing, and the complexity of joinery necessary. Once the Cost Estimate is approved, a Contract will be prepared and submitted to you. After your Down Payment is received, we put your project in our work schedule and order the material, which takes from two to six weeks to arrive at our shop, depending on the species. Your Second Payment is made when we receive the timbers and we begin work fabricating the structure. It takes from two to five weeks, typically, to cut out an average frame. Finally, we ship or install the frame and receive the Final Payment. Your Builder finishes the rest. The result is a "Work of Wood Art", for you to enjoy with family and friends, that will last for generations.

Final Thought:

Our unique products, attention to detail, intense concentration on joinery and appearance, and planning ahead for all the subcontractors who follow after the timber frame is installed, can put our company pricing, at times, higher than our competitors. Take a look at some of our completed projects, and you'll understand why. An extensive list of Architects and Builders is available to verify that Summerbeam Woodworking earns its reputation for service and excellence.

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